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Preserved Flower - Prehana World - Minamihara Farm Ltd.

Preserved flowers are fresh flowers and foliage that are specially processed to preserve their freshness for a long period of time. The preservation process was originally started with roses. But in recent years, various other flowers and foliage plants have been commercialized as preserved flowers. The variety of colors has also been diversified.

Moisture and nutrients of plants have been replaced with a special preservative solution. Plant tissues remain as they are, but watering is not required. The appearance and texture of preserved flowers strongly resembles real ones. The only difference may be the presence of colors that do not actually exist.
These preserved flowers are usually susceptible to humidity. If placed in a humid place, petals may become transparent. In that case, dry them again; then they will return to the original state.

Preserved flowers may deteriorate in an environment with repeated occurrence of humidity and dryness. Extreme dryness may cause cracks in petals. Direct sunshine may fade colors out, therefore do not put preserved flowers beside windows. In a humid place, dye compound may ooze. If placed in contact with cloth for a long time, color of preserved flowers may migrate.

Our company has been engaged in agriculture using methods inherited from our predecessors, each time bringing time honored knowledge into contemporary times. Currently, we use the land passed down by our predecessors where we produce cut flowers and foliage for bridal bouquets and other.

With our fresh flower production technology, based on our long accumulated years of experience, we select flowers that are optimal for preserved flowers. Our unique technology has enabled us to produce preserved flowers that are closer in appearance to fresh flowers.

Our efforts and commitment still continue every day to provide new, unprecedented products with higher quality than our competitors' products.

We will work further to seek breakthroughs in techniques so that we can create new ideas in the field of preserved flowers.

Japanese preserved flowers are world famous. Minamihara farm, to be among the top level of manufactures, produces high quality preserved flowers. Their specialities are color variation and wide range of flowers. Just recently they have succeeded in producing moth orchid to be the top runner in the field.

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Product names
Flowers:Frangipani,Jasmine,Lily of the Valley,Serruria,Rose,Luculia pinceana,Kirarapop,Casablanca,Frill rose,Dendrobium,Anthurium,Tulip,Astrantia
Greens:Asparagus asparagoides,Monstera,Fern,Ivy,Jasmin leaf
others:Miniature pineapples,Winter Cherry
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